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areas of activity

Nothing beats good planning ...

Concepts and solutions are worked out in close cooperation with our customer for most various special fields.
These include the development of the systems functions based on product requirement specifications and operation plans up to the development of circuit
diagrams with CAE systems.

Sector of activity at a glance:

We have nearly 20 years experience

pce - process control engineering

The PCE GmbH, your partner for development of custom-made control systems for process technology, process engineering, environmental technology and water treatment as well as building technology.

We guarantee perfect execution of all work based on our constant qualification, specialization and software development.

... lifelong service guaranteed.

Our well-trained team assists you professionally to your full satisfaction starting from the incoming order up to the final execution!
We offer, of course, for all systems a lifelong service.

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Förderverein der Hochschule Nordhausen e.V.

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